Men ärligheten, respekten, kärleken bara dog

Apr 22
“So many voices, I can’t even sleep,
Typical late night company.
They ask questions about my life,
“Where is she going?”
Who am I?
And those voices rip me all apart.
I need medicine to quiet and to find it.”

Feb 15
“Walking round an ordinary day,
with blue skyes,
I don´t care for yesterday
Feel like I´ve seen it all before,
through blue eyes,
seen it coming miles away”

Feb 11

Feb 9

Jan 22

Jan 18
“Now that I’ve lost you
it kills me to say
I tried to hold on
as you slowly slipped away
I’m losing the fight
I treated you so wrong
now let me make it right.”

Jan 14

Jan 12

Jan 4


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